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Certified Organic Blueberries

Our certified organic blueberry field is open for u-pick every day of the week, from dawn to dusk, including Sunday! There will be a field attendant Tuesday-Saturday from 9-5. There is a scale set up at the field as well as a cash box to pay. Please bring lots of small bills and change, as no one is available at the field to make change. Payment for u-pick berries may be made at the farm store if you need change. You may also take your berries home to weigh them, then just drop off your payment at the farm store or send us a check. 

Farm store hours are 8:30-6 Mon., Wed., Fri.

8:30-6:30 Tues., Thurs.

8:30-5 Saturday.

- The address of the blueberry driveway is 1449 Folsomdale Rd., Cowlesville.  It’s about a 10 minute drive from our farm store. There is no house at the field, just a gravel driveway and a propped up blueberry sign + orange traffic cone by the road. The house addresses of our nearby neighbors are: 1444 across the road and 1438 just past that. The driveway is a long gravel driveway, please drive slowly in case other cars are leaving the field. 

- There are two fields of blueberries you may pick in. The first field has plenty of berries available, and the back field which is accessible by car if you keep driving down the gravel driveway past the first field usually has more berries, as not as many people head back there. 

- Blueberry pricing is as follows:

$2.60/lb for less than 10 lbs.

$2.10/lb for 10 lbs +

Fruit share pricing:

$1.80/lb for less than 10 lbs 

$1.30/lb for 10 lbs +

- There are ponds near the blueberries, so please watch your young children to keep them safe. Children are of course welcome to pick, but please leave any pets at home. You will want to bring a pail or bag you can tie about your waist so you can use both hands for picking efficiently, and we hope you have a wonderful, enjoyable time with your family stocking up for winter.

- To freeze blueberries, simply place them in freezer bags or whatever freezer containers you prefer, and freeze! That’s it! We don’t even rinse them, because they’re organic, and also because moisture will cause them to clump together. 

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