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U-pick availability

*We only accept cash or checks*

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 Organic u-pick Blueberries (see below for already picked info)

We will be open for blueberry u-pick from 9-5:30 August 13-18 (Monday-Saturday). 

The field is open this week unattended. You may pick anywhere in the fields (the first field and the "back" field), and bring the berries back to our farm store to have them weighed. The "back field" can be reached by continuing to drive down the gravel driveway, past the first pond and first field of blueberries you see. If you’d rather not drive back to the farm store after picking, you may weigh the berries at home and send us a check (blueberries are $2.60/lb or $2.00/lb if you have a fruit share). The season is winding down, but there are still berries to be picked!

- The address of the blueberry driveway is 1449 Folsomdale Rd., Cowlesville.  It’s about a 10 minute drive from the farm. There is no house at the field, just a driveway and an orange traffic cone by the road. The house addresses of our nearby neighbors are: 1444 across the road and 1438 just past that.
 The driveway is a long gravel driveway, please drive slowly in case other cars are leaving the field. There are places along the driveway to pull over if another car is leaving.

- If you have a fruit share, the price per lb. to pick is $2.00/lb. The price for non-fruit share members is $2.60/lb.

There are ponds near the blueberries, so please watch your young children to keep them safe. Children are of course welcome to pick, but please leave any pets at home. You will want to bring a pail you can tie about your waist so you can use both hands for picking efficiently, and we hope you have a wonderful, enjoyable time with your family stocking up for winter.

- To freeze blueberries, simply place them in freezer bags or whatever freezer containers you prefer, and freeze! That’s it! We don’t even rinse them, because they’re organic, and also because moisture will cause them to clump together. 

Already picked organic blueberries

Already picked, organic blueberries are available to purchase in our farm store. They are $4.50/pint (approx. 2 cups).

Organic String beans

String beans are currently available for u-pick, and they are plentiful! We have green, purple, and yellow beans. They are $2/lb, just stop at the farm store for directions to the field. Please bring your own baskets or bags to pick into.

 Organic Tomatoes

Organic tomatoes (slicing, plum, and cherry tomatoes) will be ready soon for u-pick!

 Organic Strawberries

Strawberries are over for the season. Thank you to everyone that came out and purchased or picked berries this year!

Organic Peas

U-pick peas are over for the season.


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We're hiring!

We're hiring for a baking position. Click here for more info!

U-pick produce

Click here for current and upcoming u-pick availability! Our u-pick string beans are loaded, come and get them before their season ends. 

Sides & Quarters of Beef Available

We have sides or quarters of beef available. Call the office at (716) 655-4486 to place an order. You can have it cut to your specifications.