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U-pick Vegetables

Please remember we only accept cash or check (with a telephone number) in the stand, store, and u-pick field. 


U-pick is open for today, July 3rd, but the picking is very slim. If you wish to pick, just stop at the stand/store and ask for directions to the field. You may be able to pick a couple quarts, but the berries have gone downhill in quality and quantity like they tend to do at the end of the season. Cherries are available on the stand (no u-pick) and blueberries and raspberries will be ready soon! 


You may bring your own picking containers and have them weighed at the u-pick field before you start picking. We will also have quarts and flat trays for sale in the u-pick field. Please find Lisa, the girl with the red ponytail who will be stationed under the white tent at the end of the field, before picking so she can weigh your containers and direct you to the best rows. We ask that you follow her instructions, and stay within the picking rows she directs you to. Rows outside of the u-pick area are intentionally separated for our own pickers. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

All u-pick strawberries are now $2/lb.


Hours in the u-pick field will vary depending on picking conditions and weather, but we plan to be open from 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Saturday, closed on Sunday. If it's pouring rain, we may close the field until the rain stops, but give us a call before coming out to be sure. 

Field location:

The u-pick field this year is located down the gravel driveway behind our stand/store. The driveway forks when you get to the end, take the left fork and you'll come to a hill. Go to the bottom of the hill, driving slowly, and go right (traffic will move around the field counter-clockwise). You will see a white tent at the end of the field, drive to the tent and you will see a grassy parking area. Be sure to check in with Lisa under the white tent before picking, so she can weigh your containers and direct you to the area we are picking in. When you exit the field, exit in a counter-clockwise fashion, so we can keep the traffic moving one direction. Please drive slowly and use caution, because there will be other cars coming in and out as well. Watch for children! If you don't want to drive your car to the field, we will have a vehicle at the stand with someone available to drive you down. You may also walk to the field, but it'll be about a 10 minute walk. 

Picking notes:

We welcome pickers of all ages! Children must be attended and supervised by an adult, but they are more than welcome to pick. Please be very careful when walking through the field, as it's very easy to squish strawberries underfoot! To the best of your ability, we ask that you pick "cleanly" meaning you pick all of the ripe berries in your row before moving further down the row. This helps ensure no berries go to waste! Please, no pets allowed in the u-pick field, or on the farm. This year's crop looks fantastic, with the lowest amount of weeds we've seen in years thanks to our crew's time spent hand weeding.

Please remember we only accept cash or check (with a telephone number) in the stand, store, and u-pick field. 

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