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What are the benefits of having a CSA share?

Answer: The benefits of a winter CSA share are many, but the cost savings is probably the most popular. All items in your share, including citrus, root vegetables, and credit choices cost less as part of a share than they do when sold in our farm store. Having a winter share also ensures that you will receive a plentiful variety of organic citrus from our family's grove, which provides you and your family with a healthy boost of vitamin C during cold NY winters. By signing up for a winter share with us, you ensure that our farm has income during the financially challenging winter months.

Where do I pick up my share?  

Answer: Winter shares can be picked up at our farm which is located at 12866 Route 78, East Aurora, NY 14052, or you may choose to have your share delivered to a drop site. Drop site locations are listed on our registration form here

When do I pick up my share?

Answer: For drop site information, as well as farm pickups, including dates, times, and locations, please refer to our winter CSA flyer.

How do drop-sites for shares set up?

Answer: If you choose to have your share delivered to a drop site listed on the registration form, you must pick up your share between 1-7 p.m. on Wednesday of every other week. Please be courteous to your drop-site host by arriving between the designated hours. We will provide you with the host's contact information so you can get in touch with them if needed. Our farm is not responsible for your share once it has been delivered to the drop site. 

What if I can't pick up my share on my pickup day?

Answer: You may arrange to have someone you know pick up your share for you. If no one is able to pick it up on your chosen pickup day, we can set it aside for you to be picked up in our farm store during our hours of operation. If you need to switch your pickup day (farm pickups are scheduled for Tuesday or Friday, every other week), just let us know at least two days in advance so we can accommodate you! 

Why do large shares have 1 more week of produce than small shares?

We're doing things a bit differently this year by offering two sizes of winter shares. As explained in our CSA flyer, small shares will receive a total of 8 pickups/deliveries, while large shares will receive 9. This is because small shares are composed of citrus and potatoes, and citrus isn't ready until Mid-December, hence the later start date for small shares. Large shares receive more root vegetables than small shares, so they have one extra week of produce that is available at the end of November. 

How do credit choices work?

Both small and large shares have the options of choosing a total of two credit choices at each pickup/delivery. They are listed in our flyer here. For the first pickup, we will send out a newsletter via e-mail with the credit options listed. You simply choose two credits that appeal to you, and we will have them available for you when you pick up your share! In the following weeks, you will choose your credits for the next pickup during sign-in. All of the credit options will be available for sale in the store as well, in case you'd like to purchase more than what your share offers. Apples are not currently a credit option as they have been in the past, but we will have them available for sale in our farm store. 

Is my CSA share refundable?

Answer: Generally speaking, no, CSA shares are non-refundable. Once you commit to becoming a share member, your payment to the farm is used for costs related to growing, packaging, shipping, and storing your citrus and other produce. 

Can I pick up my share earlier than the allotted time?

Answer: We ask that you do not come early or late. If you are unable to pick up your share in the hours available, please let us know in advance and we will switch your pick up day if desired. 

Will shares be pre-packaged for me?

Answer: Some items such as citrus and potatoes will be in their own boxes/bags. Credit options will also be pre-bagged for your convenience. Items such as popcorn, yucca, onions, and garlic may or may not be packaged, so please bring your own bags to carry any loose produce home. 

Can I split a share with another individual/family?

Answer: Yes, both small and large shares may be split. If you plan on splitting a share with someone, please make sure to include contact information on the registration form for both parties.

What variety of citrus can I expect in my share?

Answer: We grow many different types of oranges, a couple different varieties of grapefruit, as well as lemons and pomelos (similar to grapefruit but without grapefruit's tartness).    

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