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About our CSA

Thorpes Organic Family Farm 2017 OCSA (Organic Customer Supported Agriculture) 

Our family, for the 15th year, is offering certified organic vegetable shares, as well as fruit shares for the summer/fall of 2017. For pricing and a printable registration form, click here. For a brochure version of the information below, click here.

Any person or family purchasing a vegetable share will receive certified organic vegetables for 21 weeks, beginning around the second or third week of June, which will be picked for you fresh the day you pick them up. There will also be “pick your own” vegetables, which you can pick unlimited quantities of for your canning or freezing needs for the winter.

We have two sizes of vegetable shares. “Small” shares are designed for 1 or 2 people, and all of the pre-picked produce you receive will be limited. You may also pick all you need for canning and freezing of: tomatoes (full sized & cherry), peas and string beans. There will be no unlimited pre-picked vegetables for small shares.

“Large” shares are designed for three or more people (over age 5). They will receive larger amounts of already picked produce and often unlimited amounts of plentiful ones, such as potatoes, kale, peppers, summer squash, and any number of things which are yielding well on their pick-up day. Large shares also benefit from unlimited “pick your own” for canning & freezing of the following: tomatoes (full size & cherry), peas and string beans.

In any season, we have weather extremes that cause crop failures in some crops and surpluses in others. We do our best with whatever weather God gives us. We cannot guarantee that every crop will thrive every year because there is so much we as humans cannot control, but we promise to do our utmost in providing you and your families with fresh produce every week. 

Advantages of Joining the OCSA

- You will get organic, vibrant vegetables fresh from our fields- not shipped in from other countries or states. You will be preserving our local economy, your personal finances, the surrounding community, and your health.

- You can choose only what your family likes. Our "market style" weekly pickups allow everyone to select pre-designated amounts of each fruit and vegetable available. If there's something you don't like, you may leave it or trade it for a different vegetable on the trade table.

- We try to give helpful recipes in our weekly newsletters, especially on the more unusual types of produce.

- You should save money. Most years, at conventional “non-organic” supermarket prices, our members received 2 to 2 ½ times the dollar value they paid for produce shares alone. The savings we estimated do not include the value of the unlimited u-pick options, which add even more bang for your buck. For a list of what our families got each week last year, click here. Bear in mind that each year is different, with no year ever being without some challenges and surprises to keep us learning. Last year was extremely dry, which caused some vegetables to struggle, while others thrived in the dry heat. We have invested in an additional irrigation system that will allow us to water all of our fields this year in the event of another drought.

- By your commitment to us, you are helping to insure the fact that our family farm will be here to provide certified organic food for your family in the future. 

-Organically fed free-range chickens and organically fed pork and beef will be available for sale, as well as organically fed holiday turkeys and homemade baked goods made with mostly organic ingredients.

-This year, you will again have the option of purchasing organic grains. You may get them whole or freshly ground. Flour is always more nutritious when ground fresh. We plan to have organic spelt, pastry flour, hard & soft wheat, and rye. 

-Also available will be organic raw cane sugar, Redmond natural salt, maple syrup, maple sugar, baked goods make with organic ingredients, gluten free/vegan baked goods, and raw honey.   



Products for saleNovember 21st, 2017

   Our farm store hours can be found here. Please note that the farm store is closed on Sundays, but our stand is open self-serve with a cash box all day Sunday. *We only accept cash or chec

Farm store hoursNovember 14th, 2017

The farm store will be closed for Thanksgiving on November 23 and 24, we will re-open Saturday November 25 with normal business hours. Our current farm store hours are as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Wed

Store HoursNovember 14th, 2017

The farm store will be closed for Thanksgiving on November 23 and 24, we will re-open Saturday November 25 with normal business hours. Our current farm store hours are as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Wed

Winter CSA

Our Winter CSA Flyer is now available! Registration forms are due by November 16th! Click here for more information.

Seasoned Firewood

We are offering our own seasoned firewood for sale. Click here for pricing and more info!

Lard Available

We have an abundance of lard available for purchase at the store, perfect for rendering and making into delicious baked goods!